A proud member of


Wearing our uniform correctly shows that:


  • We are PROUD to belong to Cherry Tree Academy
  • We have HIGH EXPECTATIONS of our appearance, work and behaviour
  • We are a FAMILY
  • We are PREPARED for HIGH SCHOOL and the future world of work

Research also shows that wearing the correct uniform has a positive impact on children’s attitudes to learning and behaviour.

Below is a list of our school uniform garments.


All clothing MUST be clearly marked with the child’s name.


Our uniform is as follows:

  • Black school trousers
  • Black skirt (no more than 1 inch above the knee)
  • Black shorts (summer)
  • Red-white checked/striped dress (Summer)
  • White polo-shirt/cotton shirt
  • Red jumper / sweatshirt / Cardigan
  • Black shoes
  • Black or grey tights

What our uniform is not:

  • Leggings
  • Jeggings
  • Jeans
  • Coloured trainers / shoes
  • Jogging bottoms (unless for PE)
  • Mini-skirts / tight skirts


Sensible jackets and footwear should be worn (please avoid leather and denim jackets and high heeled/platform soled shoes/boots). N.B. Trainers are not acceptable footwear for school.


Indoor Sports

Indoor PE is done in bare feet and the hall floor is specially treated for this. Please inform the school if your child is suffering from any type of foot infection then he/she may be excluded from barefoot work.


Outdoor Sports

Pupils should wear trainers for outdoor sessions. In cold weather the children should wear a complete change of outfit – plain navy/black tracksuits only please. PE kits should be brought in a drawstring bag.



In Year 4 the children have swimming lessons. The swimming pool is very strict about the swimming uniform: – Plain swimming trunks for the boys (**please note, NOT shorts) and one piece swimsuits for the girls (**please note, NOT bikinis), should be worn.

Jewellery/Watches/Make up

Jewellery should not be worn as it is not school uniform and may get lost or broken. A child who has pierced ears may wear studded earrings only, and children may wear wrist watches, but school cannot accept responsibility should they be lost or damaged. Make up should not be worn by children and this includes nail varnish.


Hair Styles

In keeping with our primary focus on learning rather than on image, all children are expected to maintain an appropriate hairstyle.

We are aware  that children are continually subjected to fashion influences with regard to hairstyles and hair wear ‑ some of which are appropriate to the school situation whilst others are not, such as colours, tramlines and patterns.

Property notice


The school cannot be held responsible for any personal property (e.g. watches) brought on to the school premises. The Governors’ policy is that jewellery should not be worn at school.


If a child has pierced ears, studs may be worn but these should be removed or taped over by the child during PE/Games lessons. If you wish your child to have his/her ears pierced, this should be done at the beginning of the summer holidays. This will ensure that earrings can be removed for school without the risk of infection.


Cloakroom space is limited so no large bags at all please! Your child will need a school book bag to bring their reading book to and from school. These can be purchased from the school uniform supplier when the time comes.

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