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Ethos and Values

We believe in the importance of providing our children with a wide range of experiences in order to help them make choices later in life.

Our behaviour code is an important part of school life because it guides us all to make good behaviour choices. When behaviour is good in classrooms and around school, everyone feels safe and can learn more.


We pledge to work together to create a happy and safe school where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. A school where everyone is included. A school where we can all learn well, achieve our very best and grow as individuals.


This is the Cherry Tree way!


Our school motto aims to bring all of this learning together and show that together we can grow.


Growth and excellence, every day.





Our Values


We are kind and show we care

We don’t hurt others with our words or actions


We look after property

We don’t waste or damage things


We work hard

We don’t waste our own or other’s learning time


We listen to each other

We don’t interrupt


We are honest

We don’t cover up the truth


We celebrate people’s differences

We don’t tolerate bullying





Rights and Responsibilities


At Cherry Tree Academy…


Everyone has the right to feel and be safe.

Everyone has the right to learn.

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect.

Everyone has the right to be listened to.


It is everyone’s responsibility to keep these rights

for each other.

At Cherry Tree Academy we…


Show respect for others

Do as we are asked, first time every time

Work hard to achieve our best

Think Safe – Keep safe -Are aware

Learn from our mistakes

Walk calmly and sensibly around our school

Care for other people’s feelings, school property and other people’s belongings

Are polite and show good manners

Listen to each other



Democracy is when a group of people have equal rights and freedom to choose how they are treated, rather than when one person has all the power and makes all the decisions. It can also refer to the way in which we vote for the person or group that represents us.

Rule of Law

Rule of Law

Rule of law means that all people and groups are ruled by the same laws which help keep us all safe and happy.

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty

Individual freedom is when people have the freedom to choose their faith, beliefs, likes and dislikes which are outside government control.

Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

A fair, objective and permissive attitude to those whose faith and beliefs may be different to our own.

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