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Intent – Why is Music important for our children?


As musicians, we want our children to be able to be confident, musical and engaged in what we offer at Cherry Tree Academy. We believe that children who learn music at any level learn; self- discipline, expression through sound, fine motor skills, further develop problem solving skills and learn how to ignite the creative and critical mind.

Music lessons improve listening skills, encourages creativity and fosters team work. We ensure that music is for everyone, that it is fun and that the lessons are educational building blocks. We want to ensure that music isn’t just for primary school, it is for life.


Implement – What will our children learn? 

Through a carefully planned progressive-curriculum, teachers plan engaging topics which they think will inspire, challenge and motivate children to learn. There is a two-year rolling programme in which children’s skills and knowledge are embedded and developed during their time at Cherry Tree. Our music curriculum is created from the Charanga music scheme.


As well as National Curriculum music lessons, we have a range of peripatetic group and individual lessons. These include brass, woodwind, strings and guitar. These are available for children in Year 2 upwards. These lessons allow children to progress at their own pace, along with their peers. They then have performance opportunities throughout the year to show their parents and the rest of school everything they have learnt. Please speak to the office if your child is interested in starting lessons. ​


Children from Year 1 through to Year 6 are invited to be part of the school choir. They rehearse weekly, during the school day, to prepare for concerts, competitions and events within the local community. Singing in a choir is good for children emotionally, physically and socially. At Cherry Tree our choir is ever growing as are the opportunities that come with it.

Impact – How will it help our children? 

At Cherry Tree Academy, our music curriculum, as well as music activities, enable the children to become performers of the future. They are confident to follow their dreams and build upon what they have learnt and experienced at primary school. Children leave with an appreciation and enjoyment of a range of music from all around the world, past and present.

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