A proud member of

Pupil Leadership

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) articles supported by developing pupil leadership:


We believe it is important to develop leadership skills alongside teaching our children to become good citizens within our school community, as well as the wider community.


When we think about leaders and their qualities, it is clear to see that these are the core values we want to develop in our pupils. There are many ways that leadership is grown and developed in our pupils. 


There are a range of Leadership Opportunities available for children to participate in.

Some of these roles are elected by peers and some of these roles require pupils to apply for the role.


For elected roles, children are asked to apply, by completing an application form before producing a speech and poster (shortlisted candidates). This is presented to the class or school. 


When children apply for a role, they are required to complete an application, either by completing a form or by writing a letter of application. They are then interviewed and selected upon merit.


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