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‘Reading for Pleasure is the single most important indicator of a child’s future success.’ OECD 2002

At Cherry Tree Academy we strive for all our children to become skilled and competent readers, as we know that securing the foundational skills is the gateway to accessing the full curriculum offer. Reading is complex and, therefore, we support our children with fluency of decoding, alongside comprehension. Different teaching approaches are required for each dimension: a systematic, synthetic phonics programme helps children to master the alphabetic code, while a strong focus on language development, building background knowledge and application of reading strategies supports comprehension. Through our carefully-designed reading curriculum, we want our children to engage with a wide range of high-quality texts including fiction, non-fiction and poetry to develop knowledge of themselves, the world in which they live and the wider curriculum. Books unlock the imagination and at Cherry Tree Academy, we are passionate about ensuring that all our children experience the very best books which act as ‘mirrors, windows and sliding doors’, where they can see themselves, appreciate and understand the lives of others and elicit an emotional response.

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